Kaylee Braunsroth

How would you like the students to address you?

Mrs. Braunsroth or Mrs. B

How long have you been at St. John School?

This will be my 2nd year!

What grade/subject are you teaching? Staff - where will you be working?

4th grade

How long have you been teaching and/or when did you start teaching? If Staff - including St. Johns time, how long have you been doing the same type of job?

This will be my second year teaching!

What are a couple unique qualities/skills about you?

I have walked across America from California to Washington DC with Crossroads Pro-Life.

What are some personal items the families might like to know?

I have been married since December 2019 to my wonderful husband Micah. Or first child was born December 16, 2020. We are now expecting our second child in January 2022!

Who is your favorite Saint and why?

St. Joseph is one of my favorites because of his obedience and willingness to give his entire life to raise the Son of God. To do this it meant social exile and extreme judgement from others, yet he still chose to do it.

What is your favorite Bible or Saint quote?

“A thief comes to steal, slaughter, and destroy, but I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” - John 10:10

What is your favorite prayer and why?

Hail Mary - because by just invoking the name of Mary makes all of Hell shake (which is SO cool to think about)

Why did you choose to teach at a Catholic school? Or why did you choose to teach at St. John’s?

I chose to teach at a Catholic school because of daily Mass, the ability to invite Jesus into conversations, and help my students devote their lives to Christ.

Anything else you want to add?

No answer

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