Jamie Bunger

How would you like the students to address you?

Mrs. Bunger/Mrs. B

How long have you been at St. John School?

This is my 6th year teaching at St. John's!

What grade/subject are you teaching? Staff - where will you be working?

I am one of the 5th-grade teachers here at St. John's!

How long have you been teaching and/or when did you start teaching?

This will be my 14th year teaching!

What are a couple unique qualities/skills about you?

I am a huge Notre Dame fan. I grew up going to football and basketball games at Notre Dame. I love all sports. I hold the shot put and discus record at my high school. We had, bring your tractor to school days in high school. I was a college athlete. I have broken my nose 3 times. I have 6 nieces and nephews. I have 5 brothers and sisters. I love to read!

What are some personal items the families might like to know?

I grew up on a farm in Leaf River, Illinois (about 1 1/2 hours SW of Chicago) with 5 brothers and sisters. I went to school at Loras College, in Dubuque, Iowa. There I played volleyball and basketball for 3 years. After graduating, I taught 8 years in the inner-city schools. I met my husband, Jon, back home and we have happily been married for 14 years. We have 3 amazing kiddos; Jackson, Jenevieve, and Jameson. Lincoln became our home 6 years ago and we absolutely love living here!

Who is your favorite Saint and why?

St. Teresa of Calcutta is my favorite Saint. She is my favorite Saint because of her love for EVERYONE and her strength in her faith, love, and charity.

What is your favorite Bible or Saint quote?

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” - St. Teresa of Calcutta

What is your favorite prayer and why?

Memorare - I find comfort in being able to turn to Mary in recognition of our sinfulness and ask that she pray for us. I love being able to pray to her to hear us and to answer us by bringing our petition before her son just as we pray for his help as well.

Why did you choose to teach at a Catholic school? Or why did you choose to teach at St. John’s?

When we decided to move to Lincoln, I put out quite a few applications and prayed that God would put me where I needed to do my work.  I received a call and interview for St. John's.  I knew nothing about St. John's school or parish, but knew this interview was important. From the second I stepped into St. John's I felt at home.  The atmosphere and staff were so warm and welcoming.  I truly believe this is where God wanted me to be. I have not only found a family with the staff, but every day I get to teach about Jesus, go to mass, and be around awesome families. I love calling St. John's home!

Anything else you want to add?

I love being able to grow in my faith daily, along with sharing my passion for learning.  I love that my children get to share in this journey with me as well!

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