Kate Haden

How would you like the students to address you?

Mrs. Haden

How long have you been at St. John School?

This will be my 5th year teaching at St. John's School, but my 14th year at St. John's.  I attended Kindergarten through 8th grade here!

What grade/subject are you teaching? Staff - where will you be working?

I teach 6th-8th grade Literature and LOVE it.

How long have you been teaching and/or when did you start teaching? If Staff - including St. Johns time, how long have you been doing the same type of job?

I've been teaching for 13 years - 7 years as a Special Education teacher in Kansas and the rest have been as a Literature teacher.

What are a couple unique qualities/skills about you?

Something unique about me is that my husband and I were engaged in Rome on St. John Paul II's beatification and were married on his feast day less than 6 months later!

What are some personal items the families might like to know?

I grew up and attended St. John's, Pius X and graduated from Benedictine College. I ran cross country and track in college and coached those sports while I was teaching in Kansas.

Who is your favorite Saint and why?

One of my favorite saints is St. John Paul II because he loved young people and knew young people were to future of the Catholic Church so he started World Youth Days around the world. He was so holy and genuine while at the same time loved sports, theater and being around his friends.

What is your favorite Bible or Saint quote?

“Become who God meant you to be and set the world on fire.” - St. Catherine of Siena

What is your favorite prayer and why?

My favorite prayer is Jesus, I trust in you.

Why did you choose to teach at a Catholic school? Or why did you choose to teach at St. John’s?

I wanted to teach in a Catholic school because I see the opportunity to form young souls and be a part of their journey in their relationship with Jesus.

Anything else you want to add?

Never forget that you are a beloved son or daughter of a King.

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