Barb Hruby

How would you like the students to address you?

Mrs. Hruby

How long have you been at St. John School?

I've been hanging around St. John's for about 2 1/2 years. First as a substitute teacher and then as a first grade teacher last year.

What grade/subject are you teaching? Staff - where will you be working?

This year I will be working as a K-2 Wing Teacher. I'm very excited to work with the different grade levels.

How long have you been teaching and/or when did you start teaching? If Staff - including St. Johns time, how long have you been doing the same type of job?

I've taught for 21 years.

What are a couple unique qualities/skills about you?

I love to read, participate in water aerobics and do jigsaw puzzles. I've ridden in a hot air balloon over Lincoln. It was fabulous!

What are some personal items the families might like to know?

I'm married to Dan, an electrical engineer. We have a daughter Amelia and a son Thomas, who are both getting married soon. I have lived in Michigan, Iowa and North Carolina, but I'm a born and bred Nebraskan. I attended St. John's, and I am extremely happy to be back home.

Who is your favorite Saint and why?

St. Bernadette -- she saw our Blessed Mother!

What is your favorite Bible or Saint quote?

“Jesus, I Trust in You.”

What is your favorite prayer and why?

Anima Christi - it's like poetry for my soul.

Why did you choose to teach at a Catholic school? Or why did you choose to teach at St. John’s?

I chose to teach at St. John's because the people are wonderful! 

Anything else you want to add?

No answer