My name is Alicia Sisel and I am so blessed to be the preschool teacher at St. Johns! I graduated from Doane College with a degree in Elementary Education and an Early Childhood Endorsement. This will be my 12th year of teaching.   These past nine years, I have worked as a kindergarten teacher at Norwood Park Elementary School in Lincoln.  The two years before that, I worked as a kindergarten teacher at Beatrice, Nebraska and at Gering, Nebraska (where I grew up).  I live in Waverly with my husband Dan and we have three little girls (seven, five, and two years old).

I am blessed to have the opportunity to grow with students in their faith and education. I am excited to get to know you and your child this year! My favorite part of teaching is watching the students grow and learn.  We can work as a team to give your child numerous learning opportunities at home and school! I will keep you updated on what we are doing in the classroom through emails, take-home folders, newsletters, and phone calls.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  I appreciate all that you do and am looking forward to a great year!

Preschool Parent Information


  • Preschool-Drop Off
  • The Preschool drop off/pick up zone is on the west side of the building, next to the school bus.
  • There will not be cars on the south side of this parking lot, so you can pull in next to the sidewalk. Students will get dropped off at the sidewalk.
  • If the Preschool student has a school-age sibling(s), those students will also get dropped off at this spot and they will walk around the building to join their class.

Preschool- Pick Up

  • Pick up is in the same spot as drop off.
  • If you are picking up a Preschool student at 3:15, and you have school-age children, they will also get picked up at the Preschool spot.
  • The students will exit the building with their class and then walk around the church to find their Preschool sibling.
  • Students may enter their car once it arrives.
  • Masks need to stay on until the student is in the car and the door is closed.
  • I will meet the preschoolers at 7:45 and 12:15 for drop off and then walk them up to our room.  I will be outside at 11:00 and 3:15 to help with picking them up. 

Early Dismissal

Our early dismissal days are usually half days where school ends at either noon or 1:00.  On these days, afternoon classes have the option of joining our morning class from 8-11am. 


Please call or email the office if your child is absent.  If you have a planned absence, let the office know as soon as you can.  This is very important for the safety of your child and for the records for the office. 


Please let the office know of any health concerns or restrictions your child may have.

Under our current circumstances, we ask that you be very cautious about how your child is feeling.  Check their temperature each morning. You may have a mask for your child to wear in social situations at school (optional).  5-year-olds and younger are not required to wear a mask.  We can strive to keep masks on if your child brings one.  We will do our best to keep the classroom clean and have students be cautious of their surroundings with others.  All the kids will have their own materials.   We will limit playtime stations and the number of kids at each station each day.

Dress Code

We do not wear uniforms in preschool.  Please dress your child appropriately for the weather because we like to go outside every day if we can.  Students need to wear tennis shoes for school to help them play and run without shoes slipping.  When the weather is cold, students can bring snow boots, snow pants, gloves, and hats to play in the snow.


Students will need a backpack each day in case of notes or artwork that need to go home.  Make sure to pack an extra set of clothes just in case of accidents.  The backpack needs to be big enough to fit a folder and artwork.  Your child will have a take-home folder on Fridays.  Please make sure to empty your child’s backpack each night.

Take-Home Folders

I will collect papers and notes all week in your child’s cubby. Your child will have a take-home folder on Fridays.  Please empty it out and go over each paper with your child to discuss what they are doing at school.  Then bring the folder back on Mondays.


Tuition is due the first day of each month (September-May).  Tuition is $130 for MWF classes and $110 for T/Th classes.  Please make checks payable to St. John’s Preschool.  You can send it in a labeled envelope in your child’s take-home folder or drop it off at the office.  Please indicate on the check that it is for preschool tuition.  The office will send out reminder/statement emails around the 5th of every month.

School Supplies

Students just need a backpack for school.  No other school supplies are needed, however, we do ask that each family pay a $25 school supply fee for the year.  Please add this to the first month’s tuition, which will be paid in September.


This year we are limiting the snacks and passing out food in the classroom.  If your child wants to bring something for their birthday, they could bring stickers, pencils, toys, etc (little party favors) instead of food.  If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate their half birthday.  I can let you know through email when it is your child’s turn and what days might work for you.


Both morning and afternoon classes will have snack time.  Students can bring their own snack to school for this time (preferably packaged or in a ziplock baggie).  They will not share their snacks.  Students can have clear water bottles throughout the day and we have a refill station. 

Schedule For A Typical Day

Time - AM (PM) Activity
8:00 - 8:20 (12:15-12:35) Morning Opening/Calendar
8:20 - 8:30 (12:35-12:45) Religion
8:30-8:40 (12:45-12:55) Bathroom Break
8:40-8:55 (12:55-1:10) Whole Group Reading
8:55-9:15 (1:10-1:30)  Small Group Reading
9:15-9:35 (1:30-1:50) Recess
9:35-9:45 (1:50-2:00) Bathroom Break
9:45-10:00 (2:00-2:15) Snack
10:00-10:20 (2:15-2:35) Math, Science, Social Studies, or Art
10:20-10:50 (2:35-3:05) Play Time
10:50-11:00 (3:05-3:15) Clean Up, Backpacks, Dismissal


The preschool curriculum is very hands-on for academics and social-emotional learning.  Students will have numerous opportunities to grow by knowing their letters/letter sounds, numbers, shapes, colors, patterns and more.  We will do reading, math, social studies, science, and art activities.  We will also have religion to incorporate the Catholic faith in everyday learning.  Students will be able to learn the procedures of school, gain confidence when playing with others, and get excited about learning!

Rules in the Classroom

The main rules I set up for the classroom are: honor God, be safe, be respectful, be responsible, and love always.  Each student has the opportunity to share their love for school, for God, and for friends/adults.  As a teacher, I will be consistent with the rules and will model good behavior.  Ways I help promote good behavior are-set routines, peer modeling, helping students use their words to monitor feelings and to solve problems, quick redirects, clear rules, and positive reinforcement. 

Help at Home

Some things to work on at home to know are…

  • full name
  • parent’s names
  • where they live (town)
  • age
  • birthdate (month and date)
  • writing their first name
  • counting to 10 and identifying numbers to 10
  • shapes
  • reciting the alphabet and identifying letters

***Read Read Read with your child this helps them make strong connections with you and with books at home and school.  They can work on letter recognition, telling what happened in the story, vocabulary, how to hold a book, and more.

Your extra help at home really does make a difference!

Thank you so much for helping our preschool classroom!  Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions.

Alicia Sisel
Preschool Teacher
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