Jamie Vondracek

How would you like the students to address you?

Miss Vondracek (Miss V)

How long have you been at St. John School?

First year

What grade/subject are you teaching? Staff - where will you be working?

Kindergarten - KA

How long have you been teaching and/or when did you start teaching? If Staff - including St. Johns time, how long have you been doing the same type of job?

3rd year total. I started at St. Joseph’s Beatrice

What are a couple unique qualities/skills about you?

I am working on going to every state in the U.S. I still have a lot to do!

What are some personal items the families might like to know?

I took piano lessons for 16 years. I cannot remember song lyrics to save my life. I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and am currently working on my masters through Peru State College. I have always lived in Lincoln and have been a part of the Lincoln Diocese!

Who is your favorite Saint and why?

Padre Pio! He went through so much pain and now has the ultimate reward! It’s a reminder that life may not be easy, but if we live right it will be worth it.

What is your favorite Bible or Saint quote?

“No one heals himself by wounding another.” -St. Ambrose

What is your favorite prayer and why?

Hail Mary. It is the perfect devotion to Mary.

Why did you choose to teach at a Catholic school? Or why did you choose to teach at St. John’s?

Teaching is such an important profession and I’m so grateful to see the curiosity and wonder of students. I knew I wanted to teach at a Catholic School because I wanted to teach at a school that stood out for a reason, and that reason is God. I get to be part of a community bounded by faith and become a better version of myself while doing something I love.

Anything else you want to add?

No answer

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