Discipline Policy

  1. We at St. John the Apostle School are committed to providing a “Christ-centered” learning environment. We encourage our students to see Christ in each person. We believe all students in our school are to be respected, valued, and kept safe.
  2. Students are expected to use appropriate behavior at all times. Students are responsible for the choices they make regarding their behavior. When a student uses inappropriate behavior, teacher or staff involvement will be provided to help maintain safety and order in the school. The teacher or staff member will encourage the student to identify the problem and, to develop a plan to learn more appropriate behaviors for school. The goal of discipline is to help a student become more self-disciplined and make better choices regarding their behaviors.
  3. Students may be referred to the office when the safety or order of the school is compromised. This will include infractions of school rules and violence. We have found the responsible thinking process (RTP) to be the most effective way of reducing student disruptions while enhancing their ability to resolve their problems by teaching them how to self-manage responsibility. This program will also bring consistency among the teaching staff and the different grade levels.

Our Discipline Philosophy

We believe that all students are responsible for their own actions and must be taught to respect the rights of others. This means they have to learn how to think of ways to get what they want while, at the time, respecting the rights of others in the school. Teachers have a right to teach and students have a right to learn in a safe environment. None of the students have the right to disrupt at school, regardless of where they are especially if they are preventing other students from learning or are threatening the safety and the rights of others.

Suspension and Expulsion

The decision to suspend a student lies with the principal. The principal will consult with the pastor and/or teacher(s) before suspending a student.

In-School Suspension:

When the administration imposes an in-school suspension, the student is responsible for all classwork during that time period.

Out-Of-School Suspension:

When the administration imposes an out-of-school suspension, the student will receive no credit for classwork during that time period.


Expulsion is a very serious matter. It will be resorted to only when all other means of discipline have proven ineffectual and the student's behavior gravely compromises the welfare and mission of the school. Actions and attitudes that violate the Christian character of our school and may lead to suspension or expulsion include irreverence for God and holy persons, places, or things, disrespect for life, property, and the rights of others, repeated disrespect for authority, repeated disrespect for school policy, truancy, fighting, cheating, or stealing and possession of weapons.