Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher conferences are held first and second semesters. It is important that parents attend these conferences. Additional conferences may be scheduled if the parent and/or the teacher feel the need for the conference. Parents are encouraged to call/e-mail the teachers to arrange for additional conferences.

Progress Reports and Report Cards

  • A report card will be given to each student in grades K-8 on a quarterly basis. These reports are designed to inform parents of the student's progress.
  • Parents may access their student’s grades and assignments at any time on PowerSchool. The school office will provide you with your student’s access codes and further directions for gaining access.

Student Homework

In addition to promoting good study habits, homework provides an opportunity for parents to be involved in the education process of their children. Homework will be assigned on a regular basis and will vary with the age of the student and his/her ability.

As a general rule, completion of work taken home should not exceed:

Primary grades (K-2) 15 - 30 minutes
Intermediate grades (3-5) 45 - 60 minutes
Upper-Level grades (6-8) 60 - 90 minutes
  • If there are any questions about homework your child is bringing home, PLEASE contact the teacher. The teacher will be able to give you an insight into why your child has homework and the amount he/she has. If a child is having difficulty completing homework or spending too much time on homework, parents should notify the teacher and discuss possible alternatives and/or solutions.
  • Homework must be completed only by the student; turning in work completed by another person will result in a zero for the assignment.

Absentee Homework Procedure

When a student is absent from school due to an illness they have a corresponding number of days to make up work. The student must request all missed assignments from his/her teacher. Each teacher handles the completion of make-up work differently. It is very important that the student discusses the class procedure with the teacher(s) for making up the work missed. Assignments due to absences for trips or other reasons must be approved and agreed upon by the teacher prior to leaving. Parents may request by phone or email, work missed for their child for that day. Assignments must be requested by10:30 a.m. to receive assignments during the same day. After that time teachers may not be able to have assignments prepared. Homework can be sent home with a sibling, friend or picked up in the office at the end of the school day. Homework must be picked up before 4:00pm.

Late Homework Procedure

K - 5 - Teachers will work with students to help them complete their assignments in a timely manner.Teachers may keep students in during recess or after school with parent permission. Late work not related to absences will be handled in the following manner:

one day late - 10% deduction of the grade
two days late - an additional 10% deduction
three days late - 0% for the assignment

Homework Assignment Policy for 6th-8th Grade Students

  • If a student comes to a class (subject) with an assignment missing or incomplete, the student will receive 10% deducted for 1 day, 20% for 2 days, 30% for 3 days and finally no credit, but still must be turned in.
  • The student will be sent to the office to call and notify the parent that the assignment is late, and they will be expected to stay after school until 3:45 p.m. that day to finish the work in the homework room.
  • The student will turn in the work completed by 3:45 p.m. that day and will be graded on the entire assignment.
  • If the student has work unfinished in multiple subjects in one day, the child will notify the parent of as many assignments as he/she is missing and stay until 3:45 p.m. and complete as much work as possible.
  • Long-term projects such as book reports, class reports, papers, etc.: If these projects are notcompleted and turned in on the assigned due date, teacher will take same action as dailyassignment, and will grade student on the percentage of the assignment that is complete. Teacherswill use their own discretion on long-term projects.
  • An online parent portal is available any time to view current grades.

Retake Policy

Every effort is made to allow students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of concepts and skills to achieve mastery.

A grade of 77% or higher indicates mastery of a concept; therefore, students may only redo/retake assignments for which mastery was not achieved. Students will have one day to redo and hand in.

Students may earn half credit on redo/retake daily assignments.

Students may not be allowed to retake test, quizzes or long-term projects.

Students may not be allowed to retake test, quizzes or long-term projects.

It is important to note that the redo/retake policy is not intended to be used as a regular practice by a student.

Alternate assignments may be required at the teacher’s discretion since some scenarios are impossibleto replicate. For example computer lab assignments, experiments, guest speakers, projects, formal essay, etc

Because the ultimate goal is for each student to master the material, teachers will consider extenuating circumstances.

Any assignments that are plagiarized will receive a reduced grade and will be made to redo the assignment.

Student Evaluation

Grading Scale

Grades 1-8      Kindergarten 
A+ 99-100% C+ 83-84%    S-Satisfactory
A 95-98% C 79-82%   I-Improving
A- 93-94% C- 77-78%   N- Needs Improving
B+ 91-92% D+ 75-76%   E-Experiencing Difficulty
B 87-90% D- 70-71%    
B- 85-86% F Below 70%    

Honor Roll (Junior High- Grades 6th – 8th)

St. Johns publishes an Honor Roll every year. Honor Roll designates students who earn A’s and B’s in all classes. The Principal’s Honor Roll designates students who earn an A in every class.

Academic Support Plan (Grades 6-8)

A student will be put on an academic plan at Midterm if one or more of the following occur:

  • The student has 6 or more late work/missing assignments
  • The student has an overall grade of 76% or below in any subject.


  • Parents will be notified via email that their child will need to be placed on an academic plan.
  • An agreement notice will be sent home asking for you and your child’s signature.
  • After the allotted amount of time, the student, teachers, and parents will communicate to discuss the progress of the student.

Academic Support

  • If a student is missing 6 or more assignments or is receiving a 76% or below in a subject area the student will be required to attend homework room every day for two weeks until a 76% or higher is achieved.
  • If a 77% or higher has not been reached, the student will then be required to attend homework room every day for another two weeks AND have a working recess until progress is made.
  • If, after the 4 week period, the student still has not achieved a 77% in their respective subject area-they will then be required to attend homework room for two more weeks, miss out on weekly special classes, and have a working recess until progress is made.

Testing Program

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) will be administered to all students in grades 3 through 8 during the spring semester.


Textbooks and workbooks are furnished by the school. The student is expected to protect the textbook issued to him/her. Students are required to cover all hardbound books and/or reusable textbooks. A fine will be assessed for excessive damage to or loss of any textbook. These funds will be used for rebinding or repair and replacement of school materials. Please contact the school office for a complete listing of textbooks.

Policy for School Issued Student Electronic / Mobile Devices

The supervising educator is responsible for the management and supervision of any student mobile devices provided through a public school or other entity. If a student device is used by students, not under the supervision of a special services teacher, the principal is responsible for the supervision of the device. While filtered at the appropriate level, these devices cannot be monitored through the Diocese of Lincoln MDM. Such devices must be clearly labeled as belonging to another entity. The device will be checked at least twice a week and not at a predictable interval. The student will adhere to all policies in the school acceptable use policy. Under no circumstance is a student to use an unfiltered hotspot or mobile device.