Volunteer Opportunities

Home and School Room Parent Committee

  • You are there as a primary contact & organizer so don’t feel it’s your responsibility to DO IT ALL!
  • Get input from your other room parents…more input makes it easier on you & a better community!
  • When sending group emails & be sure to cc everyone on responses and contact those without email by phone to fill them in
  • Contact the teacher to see if they have suggestions or input…often they can suggest a game or project with their current learning unit
  • Always make other parents feel welcome to attend the parties or offer suggestions!!!
  • Thank your team members for their contribution & ideas

1st Grade, 4th Grade & 7th Grade Captains:

You will need to recruit 5-6 parent volunteers to serve, set up and clean up after receptions

You will NOT be responsible for ordering items to be served…the HSA and the school office will take care of those items

Have your volunteers there at least 1 hr. before the ceremony will be over— The HSA will give you a timeline & specific instructions when the dates & times are confirmed.

Classroom Parties

The Room Parent's primary responsibility is to organize classroom parties. There are 3 classroom parties in a school year (see chart below). This year the parties will be held as follows:





Valentine's Day


Some suggestions for classroom parties

  • It's a good idea to talk to the classroom teacher before the party.  Some teachers may have special requests or suggestions.
  • The afternoon parties will begin at 2:00 pm and the morning parties will begin at 11:00 am.  Parties are usually one hour long.  Most teachers prefer parties to be done by 3:00 pm so they can get the students ready to go home.
  • For a general guideline, most parties consist of a craft, game(s) and snack.
  • Each class has the option of ordering cookies from Paula, the school cook, or you may bring treats.  If you choose to order the cookies, please let Paula know how many you need for your class at least one week in advance.  Paula's e-mail address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Each class has a budget of $5/student/year for the parties.  All receipts can be turned in to the office for reimbursement. 
  • The Captain should get their group together or contact them thru email about 2 weeks before the party to plan and decide who can be there to help.  Normally it takes 4-6 people.  More is always better.
  • Contact the school office to see if they have any unused craft supplies, which can be used for the holiday parties.
  • Be sure to sign up at the school office when visiting our school even for the school parties.
  • A couple of websites which may come in handy are:


  • The 1st grade room parents serve cookies and drinks at 1st Communion for the 2nd graders.
  • The 4th grade room parents serve cookies and drinks at Confirmation for the 5th graders.
  • The 7th grade room parents serve at the graduation ceremony.


April 8th

First Communion
April 15th

May 18th


  • The room parent captain will need to recruit parent volunteers from their class to serve, set up and clean up.  Maybe 5 or 6.  You will need to make lemonade & water coolers.
  • Home and School Board will order, pay for and deliver the flowers, cookies and drinks for these events.  Home and school will be in contact with the room parent captain for additional information & times.
  • The Reception is normally held in the gym.
  • It's usually a good idea to be there at least an hour before the ceremony is over.